Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reality Check Inventions

The Students have designed some inventions and spoken about the on ustream.
I was impressed by the creativity that went into ideas such as the “ultimate hair brush”,
”The Magniball wall” and the “Super Alpaca feeding station”. The ability to adapt, change and think in different ways shows that young students are able to move from designing to inventing. Well done.

It takes bit of strength to get up in front of the camera. There is a pause for about 30 seconds while one student gets up the courage to show what they invented.



chandra said...

Every parent should watch this video..loved it and shared with face book!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chandra, A few parents did watch this video and I think it really showed what kids can achieve when give the chance. We are looking to establish a permanent camera set up so that we can broadcast more material through Ustream.

Esspweb said...

Chandra is absolutely right.
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Essay Writer said...

The credit goes to the teachers who are helping to encourage these students.

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Ideaon INC said...

Yes of course it feel proud when we introduce what we have invented. Nice video, thanks for sharing.

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great kids. good video, thank you very much for sharing