Sunday, August 31, 2008

What do you think about cyberbullying?

I read a bebo comment where someone was called a loser and asked to "go cut themselves". I know that online insults often don't hold back. Well we notice more people involved in having their say. So "students" have a look at this video on youtube. Have your say Comment on any of the following or just make general comment about this clip.

  • Is cyberbullying real for you?
  • What would be different if this video was filmed in New Zealand?
  • How effective do you think this video was?
  • What methods of filming did they use to get their message across?
  • How is the talent show connected to cyber bullying?
  • If you were to make a video about cyber bullying what would it be?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A teacher at my school is working with young students using Dipity
Learners will feel proud to establish and share the information together.
What questions and discussions would bring learning to the fore here?

  • To stimulate students writing a story/poem about that image - enhancing creative and language skills
  • To encourage team work and foster collaboration and the sharing of a learning experience
  • To encourage critical thinking skills (e.g. describing a photograph from many different viewpoints)
  • To illustrate concepts and to show examples of what you are talking about during a lecture when you can't visit the real thing (e.g. building site practices, e.g. VR model of Roman villa) or see the item (e.g. chemical model)
  • To illustrate case studies (e.g. where text may prove to be slightly ambiguous an image can define points)
  • To enhance visual communication skills (e.g. decoding the message from a photograph)
Please comment.


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

When do we go with the cloud?

Determined to post. In the cloud ?

As microsoft schools agreement comes to a close do we jump onto the cloud in the
hope that we won't fall through?

  • The reasons why to jump
  • the netbooks with microsoft are
  • slower to boot
  • more battery hungry
  • invest development in a fading star
  • are expensive and focus efforts on what is known
  • Life on the cloud
  • looking at things with new perspective
  • collaborative opportunities to the fore
  • blending and mashups are more able to personalise experiences
  • anywhere/anydevice
  • less complicated
  • more universal
We have one teacher embedding dippity in one of our online spaces. Their investigation of inventions was well suited to this. So long as we keep our eyes and ears out for purpose the
web won't let us down.