Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Blog? What Blog? How Blog?

Classblogs From Hamilton, NZ and Australia

Two classes from Southwell are going to look some class blogs

Learning intentions:

To be able to talk about blogging and posting on the internet with increased understanding of Layout, Use of Language, Formatting of text and connecting.

Make a comment on one of the blogs.
Make a post on either

  • Layout Design
  • Use of Language
  • Formatting
  • Connecting

Blogs we will visit - Room 19 Fairfield Intermediate -Mellville intermediate - Room 9 Nelson - Pt England - Austrailian blog

Having looked at the blogs we will make one comment on a posting of interest.

The ????? we will address.

Formatting of Text
What do we think the most important elements of formatting text are while blogging?
How do people connect to and from blogs?
What are our ideas for promoting a blog?
What sort of language features are used in constructing a good post?
Looking at the whole layout of pages in the blogs we visited what would we say are features to use, avoid or develop?

Our posts are found here.


Room 8 Melville said...

Dear Mr Winter
Thanks for including our classroom blog in your list. If we can be of any help with this let us know and we will try and answer the students questions. We have been only blogging for two weeks, but we are keen to help.
Room 8, Melville Intermediate.

Anonymous said...

I learnt a little bit yesterday but suprisingly i already knew quiet alot of it.Maybe you could make your lesson more interesting by alson letting us figure it out for ourselves, rather than being told everything.Emma Arendse

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Winter Alex here. I thought that the talk you gave us yesterday was very interesting. Before you talked to us I didn't quite understant how to blog and how to make one. I think that you could have explained the asspect of how to make a blog, a bit more, in the scence that you could have explained it all in a bit more depth and added more to the explanation part of the talk. other than that it was very well explained.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Winter, I thought that your talk on Wednesday was very informative and explanatory. I think that yopu went into a needed depth for commmenting and using blogs. I thinkt that possibly you could've said a bit more about creating a blog. Overall I think that your talk was definitely needed, otherwise I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of how to Blog!! Thanks for coming to talk to us. Cheers, Daniel Carson

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Winter at first i didnt really know how to do a blog but now i know how blogging is important to share ideas around the world and how to make a blog with those stratigies you told us .i really needed the talk otherwise i wouldnt have a clue what to do .Deena Parsotam