Monday, August 31, 2009

Reality Check 4

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reality Check 3

Working with Year Eight students on Digital storytelling aspects the following is the sketch of what and how we will work.

Most important part I think In the Session

  1. work out what we know
  2. have clear learning intentions
  3. interact with each other
  4. try to allow cognitive rehearsal for thinking
  5. create new personal knowledge


From an earlier collaboration with another teacher

the following are the learning intentions


What is a digital story ? Look at three of these on these sites.



Give 1 get 1. Move around the room give someone an idea about

What a digital story is ? and

  • Story like
  • Emotional
  • One person speaking
  • Transition of pictures
  • Similar to a movie
  • Pictures of what it is about
  • About a personal view of someone
  • Past tense
  • Music or Song
  • Pictures are still
  • Pictures and voice describing

What it Isn’t

  • A movie
  • Made up
  • Moving pictures
  • Voices out of pictures
  • Just all facts


Look at a factual survival story


Fact to fake narration

The students came up with these ideas

  • Good hook
  • Tense : generally Past/flashback. Present .Future
  • 1st person 3 rd Person
  • Ending in a question (keep people wondering)
  • Balancing fact and experience/emotions
  • Diary form
  • Suspense
  • Point of view

Read the article highlight important facts perhaps collect facts as a group. the article is too big and needs to be reduced if one session is used for whole activity.

Write this as a narration

Reflect at end what was good learning what wasn’t any comment you would like to make.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Googledocs a quick learn

We are starting to use google docs for our students

Why for those who are not sure?

Once we get over the wow look at this, look at that; we need to focus on how to improve learning.

Nick Rate has a good idea for writing the pic below links to his full post with examples.


Colours could also be used to identify (multiple concurrent authors is powerful learning just ask Vygotsky)

  • ownership
  • parts of speech
  • editing process
  • thought process
  • de bonos thinking hats
  • perspectives
  • main ideas
  • disagreement
  • discussion points

This Google presentation has some other good ideas


I am working with some teachers on this tomorrow and it needs to be about teaching and learning

the good thing with google docs is I know it can be just that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Easi-speak Guide

imageThere are some good introductions to the USB easi-speak microphone on

Lorraine’s and Dorothy’s blogs.

The following was recorded easy on the easi-speak

I think these are going to do great things for literacy where teachers cotton on to it


I have just copied some pics from the manual which is stored as a pdf on the

microphone itself. most of it is self evident but I have highlighted the bits I wasn’t sure of.





See you later I’m off to record some stuff add ideas for the mic’s use in comments if you like. Those of you at Southwell can borrow them from the ICT hub and I am happy to come and help out if you are interested.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Te Mihi

Trying to finish my mihi and record it. Will work on it over the next while and try to add to it next year.

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Te Mihi

Been working on my Mihi I have recorded it on utterli as well.

It felt good to find out where I come from and to be able to acknowledge

the Maori language and its part in our identity.

Taku                      Mihi Meaning                          
Ko David ahau I am David
Ko Ngati Tahu te iwi My tribe is Ngati Tahu from the South Island
Ko Rakeahua te awa Rakeahua is my River

Ko Rakeahua te Maunga

Rakeahua is my Mountain
Ko Alyn taku papa My father is Alyn
Ko Dorothy taku mama My Mother is Dorothy

They are both Dead now but their spirit is still with me

A good resource for this is here

Examples from Pt England school are here